About Sponsorship

For just over a $1 a day you can change a child’s life forever.

How Does Imani Child Sponsorship Work?

Sponsor to Change a Life

We have made Child Sponsorship through Imani Orphan Care a simple process. You can choose the age and/or gender of the child that you would like to sponsor. Then browse through the photos of unsponsored children and let your heart lead you to your sponsored child. When you find him/or her, click “Sponsor” and complete your contact information and method of giving. We use pay pal which is safe and secure and allows you to donate using Visa, Master card, Discover, American express, or direct monthly debit. You can also email us at Our Contact Page and we can email you a donation form if you prefer a different method of giving.

About Sponsorships (FAQ)

How does my monthly support help?

Your monthly support provides shelter, food, clothing, education, spiritual instruction, and medical needs to your sponsored child and to all of the children in their home.

Can $40/month really help a child in need?

The answer is yes, in developing countries like Kenya $40/ month makes a huge difference. Imani has 4 sponsors/ child in order to cover our kid’s monthly expenses. The cost of raising a child in an orphanage is $160 /month. Imani’s child sponsorship funds go into your child’s orphanage to provide for the needs of all of the kids. Our prayer and goal is to find sponsors for all the children within our home. Please help us to reach our goal by sharing your child’s story with others.

Can I write a cheque or make a credit card donation for an entire year of sponsorship to a child in need?

Yes, the total for one full year of sponsorship to a child is $480.00. To request this method of donating please email info@imaniorphancare.com and we will help to set this up for your convenience.

What will I know about my child?
When Imani Orphan Care receives your child’s sponsorship gift you will be given your child’s sponsorship package, including your child’s story, their picture, and a wallet sized photo. Imani Orphan Care will update you about your child/children that you sponsor 3 times a year so that you can make a connection and know more about them. You can write your child letters that will be sent through Imani Orphan Care. Gifts can be sent with Imani teams going to your child’s orphanage or you can mail them to Imani and we will mail them to your child’s home. Imani does request that the gifts are small in size and preferably flat making it easier for mailing or bringing to Kenya in luggage. Our Canadian Imani staff are in Kenya often we know that it is important to be hands on with our kids getting to know their needs on a more personal level.
How much of my sponsorship goes to my child?

Your child will receive $37.20/month of your support.

How much of my monthly support goes to admin fees?

Imani Orphan Care admin fees are 7%

Will I receive a tax receipt for my donation?

Yes, Imani Orphan Care Foundation is a registered Canadian Charity allowing us to issue tax receipts for donation of $20 or greater.
Registered Charity Number – BN#800228314RR0001

 Yes, Imani Orphan Care Foundation is registered with the IRS 501 (c) (3) allowing for federal tax exemption to United States donors.

What does this mean?  501 (c) (3) is part of the IRS tax code that indicates whether organizations are tax exempt.  If an organization is a 501 (c) (3), like Imani Orphan Care Foundation, donations to that organization are tax deductible to the full extent of the law on your annual tax return.


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