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Imani Orphan Care works in Kenya East Africa.  The current population of Kenya is 53,521,116 as of April 18, 2020. Currently it is estimated that there are over 3 million Orphans in the country, 47 percent orphaned as a result of HIV and AIDS and many more remain vulnerable due to several other factors.

Imani Home of Love Children’s Home

We care for 60 children at our children’s home located in Narok Kenya. We are blessed to give our Imani children a family and a future. Sadly, our children have faced many challenges and they have lost everything including their parents. Under our care they have parental care, brothers and sisters and everything they need to have a normal childhood in a loving home.

Imani Boarding School Program

When our children reach Form 1 (Grade 9) they go to local boarding schools. They receive a quality education helping them to have the opportunity to reach their goals in life. We currently have 32 children in this program.

Make a monthly donation

A monthly donation helps us to maintain the annual revenues necessary to continue our projects, and to facilitate project planning and ensure our long-term work.

Imani Polytechnic Trade School Program

Many children in our care don’t have the opportunity to go to school prior to receiving care from Imani. This becomes a huge challenge for them. It is really difficult to catch up with the kids that are your age in class. Some of our kids start school age 10-12 years old. For this reason, we have given children that are not gifted in academics the opportunity to achieve skills through Polytechnic College. We have seen many of our kids graduate from this program with the ability to put their new found skills to use with job opportunities. We currently have 14 youth in this program.

Imani University Program

At Imani Orphan Care we are proud to say that we have seen 3 of our kids graduate university with success. We give opportunity for our kids to go to top universities in Kenya while providing them the independence that they need helping to assist them with all of their rent and daily needs while in school.

Imani Outreach

Imani gives back to many families in the communities that we serve through giving gifts of animals, building houses, and pit latrine toilets. We also provide medical care in these communities. 

The Imani Outreach Centre helps provide education, hygiene items, food and weekend programs for 31 children who live with their widowed moms in the rural community of Olenkuluo, Kenya.

Imani Chapel and Outreach Center

We are blessed to have our church which is located in Olenkuluo Kenya near the Maasai Mara game reserve. Imani began working in this area in 2014 sharing the gospel message under trees in villages. We are now blessed to have our Imani Chapel, a water well, and our Imani Outreach Center at this location which is helping to serve this community with the gifts of water, spiritual growth, and education.

Not able to make it to the event?

Consider helping us in other ways.

Can I make a one-time donation?

Yes, there are many projects and daily needs within an orphanage that need immediate funding.


Make a Single Donation


Can I write a cheque for an entire year of sponsorship?

Yes, in order to set this up please contact info@imaniorphancare.com. You are still able to choose a child or children that you would like to support for a year or you can have us choose a child for you.

Can I correspond with my child?

Yes, you are able to correspond by writing to your child/children. You can simply mail your letter to Imani Orphan Care and we will be sure that your letter reaches your sponsored child. There are also travel opportunities available to visit your sponsored child in Kenya. If this is of interest to you please contact us at info@imaniorphancare.com.

Can these children be adopted?

Adoption is a great way to help orphaned children however this process is not an easy one and it is not always a reliable one. It is hard to understand why adopting a child has to be such a long uncertain process. To understand this process better please contact your provincial adoption agency as they have the knowledge required to make this adoption process happen. Even if all of the world’s 163,000,000 orphaned children were able to be eligible for adoption there just are not enough people who want to adopt or who can afford the adoption process.

Thankfully we have the opportunity through sponsorship to give these children a better life and future. This is the best alternative that we presently have to help the orphaned children in the world.

Can $40/ month really provide what an orphaned child needs?

In developing countries, yes. The funds for child sponsorship go directly towards providing for shelter, food, clothing, education, spiritual instruction, and medical needs of the children in care through Imani.

Am I the only sponsor that my child has?

To completely cover the monthly costs associated with each child in care, a total of 4 sponsors per child is required for those living at Imani Home of Love.  Only one sponsor per child is needed for children who are apart of Imani's Outreach program who are supported with education and hygiene/food needs so that they can remain living with their widowed moms.

What happens to my sponsored child after graduation from high school?

We work hard with each child to put together an education plan best suited to their needs. Imani Orphan Care’s goal is to have our kids reach their full potential becoming competent educated adults able to support themselves.

How much of my sponsorship goes to my child?

Your child will receive $40.00/month of your support.

How much of my monthly support goes to admin fees?

Imani Orphan Care admin fees are 0%.  Imani covers admin fees through fundraising events and designated donations to cover these expenses.

Will I receive a tax receipt for my donation?

Yes, Imani Orphan Care Foundation is a registered Canadian Charity allowing us to issue tax receipts to Canadian donors.
Imani Orphan Care Foundation Registered Charity Number – BN#800228314RR0001

Yes, Imani Orphan Care Foundation is registered with the IRS 501 (c) (3) EIN 61-1935396 allowing for federal tax exemption to United States donors.

What does this mean?  501 (c) (3) is part of the IRS tax code that indicates whether organizations are tax exempt.  If an organization is a 501 (c) (3), like Imani Orphan Care Foundation, donations to that organization are tax deductible to the full extent of the law on your annual tax return.


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