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Imani Virtual Fundraiser 2023


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A Loving Home For Every Child


For just over a $1 per day you can change a child’s life forever.

Emergency Food Aid– COVID 19 Response

“Because of Imani we now have food on the table. God Bless you so much for this food aid you are offering to us. Praise the Lord through Imani”


Jennifer Parro – Widowed Mother of 8 Children

Where We Help

Imani Orphan Care works in Kenya East Africa.  The current population of Kenya is 53,521,116 as of April 18, 2020. Currently it is estimated that there are over 3 million Orphans in the country, 47 percent orphaned as a result of HIV and AIDS and many more remain vulnerable due to several other factors.

Imani Home of Love Children’s Home

We care for 60 children at our children’s home located in Narok Kenya. Under our care they have parental care, brothers and sisters and everything they need to have a normal childhood in a loving home.

Imani Outreach Center

The Centre helps provide education, hygiene items, food and weekend programs for 31 children who live with their widowed moms in the rural community of Olenkuluo, Kenya.

Imani Chapel

We are sharing the transforming message of the gospel, providing water, and discipleship to the Maasai Community of Olenkuluo, Kenya.


Is a powerful weapon that can change the direction of a child’s life.

Imani provides the opportunity of education to over 150 kids.

Primary – Secondary – Polytechnic/Trade School – College – University

Building Projects

Due to COVID 19 all building projects are on hold temporarily.  Please consider donating to our urgent needs at this time.

Life Saving Surgeries

We are providing life- saving surgeries and medical care for children need.  Maria had her first surgery through Imani in 2013 when she was just 2 years old.  She is now 9 years old and she attends school through Imani with her brothers and sisters.

Outreach Ministry

We go into villages to share the gospel and pray for those in need and we leave them with tangible gifts such as food, animals, and Bibles (paper and solar powered in their language).  We also provide pit latrine toilets, gardens, and training to help them to become self-sufficient.

The Imani Orphan Care Foundation

Imani Orphan Care exists to help children that have been abandoned by their families, orphaned or rescued from unhealthy situations. We care for over 150 children, and we are blessed to give our Imani children a family and a future with the support of our community.

Our goal is to raise the next generation of Kenyan leaders by helping them to pursue excellence through education and practical skills as well as helping our kids to become people with integrity so that each child will be a responsible citizen of Kenya.

Who We

Imani Orphan Care is a registered Canadian Charity.  The children who come to us in desperate conditions  are provided with tools to escape severe poverty. We do this with a Godly upbringing in a safe and loving home, and also through education.

Sponsor A Child

Child Sponsorship costs $40 a month and helps to pay for a child’s clothing, food, medical care, caregiver’s wages and all other expenses involved in raising a child.

Emergency Food Aid COVID-19 Response

“Because of Imani we now have food on the table. God Bless You so much for this food aid you are offering us. Praise the Lord through Imani”

Jennifer Parro – Widowed Mother of 8 Children



Current Projects

See some of the projects you can help sponsor that help our community grow.

Where We Help

Imani Orphan Care works in Kenya, East Africa. We care for over 150 children through our programs in Narok and Olenkuluo, Kenya. We are blessed to give Imani children and families the gift of opportunity.


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Gifts that Make a Lasting DIFFERENCE!
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