Social responsibility starts with us.

Here’s how Integrity Junk Removal gives back to Imani Orphan Care kids in Kenya…

  • Recycling

  • They work to divert usable/salvageable materials back into use through appropriate charities

  • They have a Network of Single-Mums and starting families that we provide 2nd life for items in great shape.

  • Integrity Junk Removal allocates a portion of the proceeds from jobs and through the sale of usable items to care for Imani Orphan Care Kids.

Imani Orphan Care receives 22.5% of the proceeds from this program and the single mothers that do the work here in Canada receive 50% of the proceeds in order to help provide for their families.  The remaining percentage of funds is allocated to other charities with similar initiatives.  Imani Orphan Care is so thankful for people like Joel Karlsson and Integrity Junk Removal for the sacrifice and commitment shown.  They are truly helping Imani to continue our life saving work.

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Social Responsibility


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